The Present



When I woke up this morning, there was a big gift box beside my bed. It was packaged in the most glorious wrappings and tied with a brilliant yellow ribbon that filled the room with light. The box was wrapped in sky blue paper and sprinkled with the color of green trees and grass. The design had the most beautiful dainty colored flowers and brilliant colored birds on the paper. The packaging was so beautiful and real that I could smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers and hear the birds singing.

The box was a gift for me – a new day. I open the beautiful box and it was filled with presents all wrapped for me. There were puzzles for me to figure out during the day, there were treats that I will savor and enjoy and special moments that I will treasure for my entire life. There were educational toys that will help me learn new things and then there were presents that caused me to use my imagination and dream – big dreams and little dreams. Presents that cause your mind to “turn on”, excite you and dream the impossible.

As I continued to open the gifts in the box, I found lovely people all wrapped up in different colors to give me joy and the opportunity to give my love back to them. These gifts brought laughter to my soul and allowed me to give and receive love.

To make the day interesting, there were challenges. Mountains to climb and obstacles courses to navigate. I felt so good, when I was able to jump those hurdles and lift those weights. These gifts built my confidence and made me realize I could accomplish anything.

As I opened each gift, there was an incredible feeling of love and gratitude for the one that gave me all these beautiful things. Things that fed my soul during the day, things that made me laugh and made me strong; gifts that increased my intellect and my capacity to love. As I finished opening each one of the gifts in the box, and the bright sun was fading, it was time to write my Thank You note. In prayer, I thanked God for the wonderful gifts that were given to me on this day. I can’t wait to open my presents tomorrow! The day is like a big box full of surprises.

By carol

Carol Ann Bailey EdD, Retired Associate Vice Chancellor, Regional Programs Assistant Professor, Director of Center for Rural Health, Retired, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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    Life is so wonderful! What a perfect God we have to serve and bless us with these daily “gifts”! Your words are so inspirational!! Thank you!!

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    Peggy Ropp

    How beautiful….made my day. Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge and love .

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    Holly Bowles

    I have never read anything like this before! What a beautiful way of expressing the gifts that are given to us each day.

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