The Holy Spirit

Before we were created, we did not exist in our human form. God created each of us for a purpose. Jesus showed us the image of God. He is our clearest signpost to what God is like. God is love and truth and through the life of Jesus we have a window into the image of God. Jesus showed us a path to the life we were created for and sent the Holy Spirit to helps us carry out that work.

The Holy Spirit gives us interior strength and courage when we are in difficult situations. We can feel the Holy Spirit as we separate ourselves from our activities and find a quiet place to think, meditate and pray. In this meditative state, we can feel his presence encouraging, guiding and comforting us. The Spirit confirms to us that God loves us regardless of our failures. We hear this guiding voice when we truly listen and open ourselves to a still quietness. God longs to communicate with us. If we are too busy to meditate and pray, we are too busy to hear God’s voice.

We also can experience the Holy Spirit through other’s words and kindnesses. The Spirit encourages us to be ourselves, to be moral and loving individuals. We have been the recipients of the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the words and actions of friends, parents, grandparents, co-workers, doctors & nurses, pastors, teachers and many others. We thank God for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

By carol

Carol Ann Bailey EdD, Retired Associate Vice Chancellor, Regional Programs Assistant Professor, Director of Center for Rural Health, Retired, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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