Our personal lives are filled with individuals that have loved us in many small and quiet ways. It may be a parent, a teacher, friend or other person in your life. Bible scholars state that Joseph does not speak at all in the bible. Although, we do not know very much about him, but we do know that his actions serve as an example for us today. When he found out Mary was pregnant before they were to be married, he was discreet. He did not go around broadcasting the situation. He was going to quietly divorce her until he had a vision from an angel that changed his mind. We do not know much more about Joseph except that his contribution to the world was not his words but his example. We assume he must have been a devoted father during Jesus formative years helping him grow in wisdom. Jesus learned to be a carpenter working along side Joseph. Joseph must have provided for the material needs of his family. His life is an example that shows us the power of self-giving. We have many chances to serve God in quiet, unassuming ways. These moments of serving may go unnoticed by many and therefore not thrust us into the limelight to be the center of attention. When we serve God, are we serving because we want to be recognized? We all love praise but we have to ask ourselves if our service is more about us than about others. Have you had people in your life that gave to you with quiet, humble service? Someone who did not want the spotlight but showed you what unselfish love was all about. Our prayer is that we may have the gift to contribute to others for God’s glory and not our own.

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