When Your Heart Cries Out in Prayer


Romans 8:26 The Holy Spirit helps us to pray, speaking in utterances and in groaning too deep for words.

Have you ever been in such great need that your prayer was coming from the most passionate depths of your soul and all you knew to pray was just “help me?” As your heart is crying out for help, you do not always know what to specifically pray for, but the Holy Spirit comes to our aid and intercedes. The Holy Spirit can intercede with groaning. When you get deeper and deeper in the Spirit, you begin to groan and these groans come from the Holy Spirit. They reach the ears of God and are always according to his will. When you pray in the Spirit, God’s creative force is coming forth within you. You are so yielded to God that the Holy Spirit takes over and prays through you. That is very powerful.

In Romans, Paul tells us the purpose of our groaning. We groan for the perfect will of God to be done and this groaning is in the Spirit. Groaning in the Spirit touches the creative force of God and occurs in the very depth of the soul.

You may not move immediately into the depths of the Spirit. You have to let the Spirit move in you and increase your awareness of the burdens that have been placed in you. You may feel an agony of a loss or an agony over a situation in your life or someone else’s life. A groan implies discomfort or pain. God begins to move the burden into your heart. There will usually be crying and great emotion that will be deeply felt. Then you will be able to groan for the release of the power of God who will bring about what he has planned for you.

We can be biblical scholars and have great knowledge of the bible, but this has to be partnered with prayer. Being a mature Christian can only come through prayer. Prayer facilitates our growth in wisdom and understanding.





By carol

Carol Ann Bailey EdD, Retired Associate Vice Chancellor, Regional Programs Assistant Professor, Director of Center for Rural Health, Retired, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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